Operation Autocross - CONE STRIKE
Operation Autocross - CONE STRIKE
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Operation Autocross - CONE STRIKE

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Cone Strike is the biggest Autocross event to come to Clarksville Tennessee Ever!!  This event will...
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Cone Strike is the biggest Autocross event to come to Clarksville Tennessee Ever!!  This event will pit each driver against each other on a challenging autocross course with a Formula 1 Style Shootout to determine the Winner!  There will be a total of $3000 in total purse with $1500 paid to the Winner!!  

Vehicle Classes  

  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • All Wheel Drive
  • Sport
  • Truck


  1. Car clean and empty of all items inside.
  2. Battery is secured in the vehicle through the factory mount or an aftermarket mount. No bungee cords securing it.
  3. Firm brake pedal with proper fluid level in the brake master cylinder.
  4. Tires have no cords showing. 200 or HIGHER TREADWEAR TIRES ONLY
  5. No major leaks.
  6. Steering/steering wheel feels tight.
  7. Seat Belts are present and functional.
  8. All lug nuts present and tight.
  9. Helmet, motorcycle helmet is acceptable, open or closed face.
  10. Co-Drivers are allowed.
  11. Car must be an OEM built car, no tube chassis race cars


Morning Session will be familiarization of the course.  Each driver will have three laps on the course.  Once the field has ran the course three times the shootout will begin. 

  1. The Shootout will include all entrants in a Formula 1 style format.
  2. The top 2/3 from the first round moves to second round. E., if 15 cars are in the class, the top 10 moves to round 2. 
  3. The top 1/3 from the second round moves forward to round three. I.E., if 10 Cars are in the class, the top 4 move to the round 3.
  4. The fastest driver from each class will move to the Finals
  5. Cone Penalty = 2 Seconds Per Cone
  6. Two Tires off-course or missed gate = DNF
  7. More than 3 cones hit during lap = DNF
  8. All protests must be submitted to timing table, final decision will be made by Event Provost

The Finals

  1. The fastest driver during the shootout will have a 1st round Bye
  2. The four other classes will run two laps, the fastest lap will count. The top two move to next round.
  3. The three drivers will run three laps, the timing boards and live timing will be shut off during these laps. The timing table will be the only ones to know the times.  The fastest lap of the three laps will be counted for time.  The fastest time will win the event.


  1. $1500
  2. $500
  3. $250
  4. $150
  5. $150
  6. $150 (fastest non-qualifier from shootout)
  7. $150 (2nd fastest non-qualifier from shootout)
  8. $150 (3rd fastest non-qualifier from shootout)

Event is NON-Refundable.  If there is an Act of God that forces cancellation of the event such as tornado, snow, hail, ice storm, or closure of the facility beyond the control of Operational Speed Supply, the event will be refunded.

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