In World War II, there was another organization subordinate to the OSS.  This was the Operational Groups.  These groups consisted of 13-30 person teams that were the action arm of the OSS conducting precision raids, ambushes, and attacking Axis positions in support of the Allied efforts in Europe.   

Operational Speed Supply is giving homage to these brave soldiers who fought with honor in WWII.  We have our Operational Group Drivers that we have charged with the mission of getting out in their ride and racing.  We support these drivers and their cars to do three things, Race, Win, and Have a great time doing it.   

At Operational Speed Supply, we not only sell the best parts on the market we test them too.  We have our Operational Group Drivers that are hitting the track and putting their rides to the test.  We strive to compete and win in all forms of racing from Drag Racing, Endurance racing, Autocross, and Off-Road. 

Do you have what it takes to be part of our Operational Groups?  CONTACT US for details on how we can support your efforts to put your car on the track.


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