Every good mission starts with a plan and a well-executed plan produces the results you desire. In the military, an Operations Order is used to provide units with a mission or task to complete. These orders are well thought out and reviewed by many before becoming a final product. Building your dream ride should be no different. 

Nothing is more frustrating than ordering several parts only to learn something won’t work with another part. The scenario starts simple. Let’s assume you want to run 35” tires on your truck. You’ve selected your favorite wheels and tires after countless hours of research. You scour the internet, using social media groups, forums, or any other article you can find, to determine if these will fit under stock suspension and determine that your only additional piece is a leveling kit for the front. All of your parts arrive, spend time and money having tires mounted and leveling kit installed, only to learn that the front tires rub on the inner wheel wells. The options to fix this error involve either trimming pieces of your truck, running smaller tires, or spending more money on a lift kit. Either way, it is more time and money wasted, when you probably weren’t expecting the extra expense. All of this could be avoidable with an Operations Order.

Our free Operations Order feature can be your plan to achieve your desired results by helping you plan out your build. Whether you are improving your daily driver or building your dream car, we can write an Operations Order to plan your project. We use years of automotive experience to build your order and guarantee that the parts you buy will work together in unison, which saves you time, money and potentially purchasing similar parts twice. The major benefit of our Operations Order is the discounts associated with package deals. 

CONTACT US today for your Operations Order. At OSS, we take pride in building your ride the right way, the first time.