This car started out as a way for our owner Joshua Jones to get back in the racing and autocross. It was purchased in August 2015 and had minimal work done other than a rebuilt 305. It started life as a 305 with a 5 Speed, Rear Disk Brakes, and No AC 1986 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z. The build started slowly with help from a few take off items from Dragonlady GTA to include the Small Block headers that are still on the car.  Next was replacing the old suspension with UMI Performance Inc. to tighten up the handling followed by a brake upgrade from This put Wilwood Disc Brakes four piston calipers up front with a 13” rotor. Next was a T56 conversion that uses a RAM Clutches aluminum flywheel and HDX clutch. The T56 came out of a 95 Camaro and was rebuilt by Hawks Motorsports / Hawks Third Generation, LLC with their stage 2 rebuild. Following the transmission swap, the late great Jimmy “Tater” Matthews provided a strong 383 Small block for us to get around the track. Rounding out the rest of the car is a Sweet Manufacturing 8:1 Steering Box and KONI Shock Absorbers adjustables. We moved to the modern era of fuel delivery with Edelbrock Performance Pro Flo 4 Fuel injection and now have a car that can run with the best of them. Over the six years since this build started this car has never seen a lift. It has been entirely built on the ground. When Josh first started this car his work area included a gravel driveway and small work shop. As the years have gone by and the car has come together the idea of a “shade tree” built car is still true. Since completed this car has nearly 20,000 miles on it and is driven not only during events but weekly and in all weather. This is in part the inspiration for starting OSS. Build a company that has lived the home garage mechanic way of life and support the local enthusiast.