After a slight track mishap, what was Hector Rivera’s daily/track car (2018 BRZ tS with full Verus Engineering catalog) saw itself against a tire wall during an SCCA Time Trial event, and declared a total loss.  

Determined to get back out on track, Hector salvaged the parts from the battered tS, and promptly posted them for sale, in an effort to gather some cash to purchase his next track car. Hector wanted to be all in this time and build a dedicated track car. His list of wants (rear wheel drive, manual, coupe, with high aftermarket component availability and power), Hectors scoured the internet for days. He was determined to find a C6 Z06, Cayman 981.2, or Lotus Elise around 40k that would put him back on the track. 

The long shot effort to get back into a car seemed impossible. With his search seemingly over and ready to call the season, Hector was contacted by his good friends at Verus Engineering. They first expressed their condolences on the loss of the tS, and promptly offered to sell him their research and development 2016 Mazda MX5. Initially, Hector hesitated and told them he would consider it. With a full array of aero, engine, and driver enhancing components already installed and a price that was almost unreal, He made the trip to Indiana to pick up his first Miata. 

Several time trials, open and private track day events, as well as autocross events, have guided the direction of its build.  Suspension components, cooling and oiling reliability upgrades, custom aero parts, full interior gut, wheels, tires, and brakes have been added or changed to provide a formidable car that take notice wherever it competes. At this time, the engine is stock, keeping the car true to its roots, a light momentum car that rewards fast fearless driving. A little too much brake and this car will stop on a dime but lose a second coming out of the corner.  Turn in at 90+ mph, feel the back-end stick and guide the nose through the apex continuing to accelerate, and feel the adrenaline rush as you just pulled 2g’s in a Miata. 

The car will continue to improve as Hector develops as a driver. Look forward to faster lap times and more tracks/events in the future… and maybe some wheel-to-wheel action.