Chris started down the path of amateur motorsports in 2015 when he was looking for something more fun to do with his 1997 Mustang than hanging around car meets in the local Wal-Mart parking lot. This was when he met a good friend who peer pressured him into trying autocross. He signed up for an event, and by the end of his first run on day one, he was hooked and it was all downhill from there. 

The real build of his mustang started in 2017 when he added a Maximum Motorsports Maximum Grip Box, a new 4 point roll bar, and bought some much wider wheels and tires. The Maximum Grip box instantly changed the performance of his car and he started winning events which only fed the addiction more. At the end of the 2017 season he realized the lack of power from his bone stock SOHC 4.6 was really holding him back, and the answer was clear: Coyote! 

Upon buying a new crate engine from Ford he immediately ripped it open to address the weak spot of the coyote engine, the oil pump gears. From there the car just continued down the path of becoming a race car. After adding power, then more grip was needed so he added a G-Stream fiberglass front clip, and Maier Racing rear fender flares, along with some 18x12 Forgestar F14’s. Eventually he stumbled on a great deal on an Agent 47 Short Long Arm front suspension set up, and he decided to take on some track events in the car and installed a custom 6 point roll bar to replace the 4 point in the car.

Unfortunately in September of 2021 Chris lost his 97 Mustang to a brake failure at 150 mph doing a track day on the Main Circuit of Summit Point. The car was totaled as it hit the wall at over 60 mph and the pea gravel put it over on its top. At this point some close friends decided to donate a 2001 Mustang shell to him in order to swap all of the saveable parts over to. The 2001 is slowly progressing as it just got a full cage installed by local cage builder Mike Robinson who kept him safe upside down in a convertible with only a 6 point roll bar. Going forward he has plans to make his own Short Long Arm Suspension for the front, build the coyote for around 600 wheel horsepower N/A, and essentially have a street legal NASCAR. 

While the build of the 2001 occurs, he knows he can’t let his driving skills get rusty so he is campaigning a modified 2014 Ford Fiesta ST for SCCA National Tour, Optima Drive AutoX, and UMI Motorsports Park events this year. So far he has taken home a trophy at the SCCA DC National Tour at FedEx Field on April 9th and 10th 2022.